Connecting to a Mondrian cube in Microsoft Excel with XMLA Connect

As we all know, Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular tools to analyze your data. When using the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) stack and SQL
Server Analysis Services (SSAS) in particular, you can create powerful reports when connecting Microsoft Excel to SSAS.

Install Pentaho BI-Server CE 5.0.1 on OSX/Windows/Ubuntu

Pentaho Business Intelligence Server (BI-Server) is an advanced reporting platform that can be used for reporting, delivering drill through dashboards and analyze all sorts of data. The Pentaho BI-Server comes in two flavours, the enterprise edition and a community edition. In this post I want to share the steps that I took to install Pentaho BI-Server CE on different test environments: OS X 10.7, Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows.